“A medical campus in Cape Breton will ensure its students are exposed to local communities throughout their studies. This will allow these physicians to better understand the needs, resources, and issues found within Cape Breton and other rural areas.

A medical campus in Cape Breton will also help with retaining doctors as they would have had time to discover the benefits of our island and the amazing people who live here. Overall, this medical school would benefit the patients, physicians and communities of all of Cape Breton.”

Dr. Yvonne Libbus


“A medical school’s location has an impact on the health of that area. Locally, the Cape Breton Cancer Center has a mandate for cancer control efforts and solutions in Cape Breton including prevention, early, treatment and supportive care, for example a new Hospice.

All these cancer control efforts need community relevant medical education and research. A local medical school will be vital in pushing this mandate forward.”

Dr. Ron MacCormick


“Rural Nova Scotia, and indeed all of Nova Scotia and the country, are facing increasing physician shortages and increasing healthcare demands.  To truly address this long- term issue of human resources and healthcare, Cape Breton University provides a unique opportunity to secure our healthcare work force needed for the future. 

Integrating a new medical campus with current science and research programs, including the CBU School of Nursing, will help secure a stable healthcare future for the people of Cape Breton and all of rural Nova Scotia. I strongly support advancing a Cape Breton medical campus as soon as possible.”

Dr. Paul MacDonald


“Along with many of my colleagues, I am tired of seeing excellent local medical school candidates have to go overseas to get in to medical school. Having a CBU medical campus on the island will enhance the prospects of retaining medical graduates and will provide the best long-term solution to our chronic physician shortage, especially in primary care. I can’t wait to see the CBU med campus up and running!”

Dr. Michael Gallivan

“I have been impressed by the vision that CBU has for medical education in Cape Breton and the positive impact that a medical school would have for our community. The CBU plan is ambitious and there is much work to do – but the CBU team has the enthusiasm and dedication to see this through. The potential benefits for rural medicine in Nova Scotia are incalculable.”

Dr. Blair Williams


” I want to help communities and rural areas that are in urgent need of family doctors. Family doctors take care of their patients from birth to death and have long-trusting relationships. It’s a unique job, and I want to fill that role and be that doctor our people desperately need”

Ross Porter

Dalhousie Medical Student