The Vision

The Health Care Landscape in Nova Scotia

We know the Province has prioritized healthcare and is doing everything it can to make improvements for Nova Scotians.  A new medical campus at CBU to service rural Nova Scotia is one way that we can help.

Research shows that doctors are more likely to stay in the areas in which they are trained. A medical campus at Cape Breton University will create long-standing and meaningful connections with our community and those that study here.

Cape Breton University’s Role

Since October 2021, as part of an overall strategic healthcare initiative, Cape Breton University has been working diligently toward the development of a medical campus in Cape Breton to service rural Nova Scotia. This initiative will be a game changer for Cape Breton and the province.

A medical campus would provide greater opportunities for those interested in medical school. In addition to graduating new doctors, the campus would also provide a location for a collaborative medical clinic that could provide comprehensive and inclusive medical services for as many as 10,000 patients.

We recognize that developing a medical school takes enormous stakeholder buy-in, in both community support and time. CBU is committed to doing all we can to make this strategic healthcare initiative a reality for the people of Nova Scotia.

A medical campus at CBU provides a unique opportunity to address the long-standing issue of human resources and healthcare.  It’s the kind of out-of-the-box thinking that can truly be a game changer for healthcare in Nova Scotia.

With the CBU School of Nursing and research programs, a medical campus at CBU can contribute to a stable healthcare future not only for Cape Breton, but for many rural and indigenous areas in our province.  

Cape Breton University believes we can be part of the solution to ensure quality healthcare is available to our friends, our colleagues, our neighbours, and our families for generations to come.

A medical campus at CBU will be part of a long-term solution for health care in Nova Scotia.

What Has Been Done

Much work has been completed including consultations with many doctors as well as business and community leaders. CBU also recently piloted a program with Dalhousie University, to fund five medical school seats for students from rural Nova Scotia. These students are committed to practicing medicine in rural areas after graduating from medical school.

The pilot program aims to create solutions to alleviate family physician shortages in rural Nova Scotia, including Mi’kmaq and African Nova Scotian communities. This is a bold and innovative strategy to address healthcare needs in Nova Scotia.

Focused on the Future

Healthcare is an important priority for each of us. We all want our loved ones to be able to access healthcare where and when it’s needed. Multiple efforts are currently underway by the government to address the challenges within the system, including the reconfiguration of our healthcare facilities here in Cape Breton. We know that healthy communities are thriving communities. That’s why Cape Breton University is willing to step up and become a partner in improving the health outcomes of Nova Scotians. That is why we are working to bring a medical campus to Cape Breton Island.

Bold Leadership

CBU has a history of bold leadership. In fact, the existence of the University itself has been transformational for our community. CBU’s Strategic Plan commits us to bolster the overall health and development of Cape Breton Island, while recognizing the needs of other areas. CBU is ready to lead the way, once again, to bring us to a healthier, more sustainable future.

What’s Next

It is our hope that this pilot is just the beginning. At Cape Breton University, we are dreaming big and we are ready and willing to do what we can to make things better. We envision a future where we are part of the healthcare solution for Nova Scotia.

Our vision for improved healthcare delivery includes an ambitious strategy to address the supply of physicians in Nova Scotia, including the development of a medical campus at CBU. Our hope is that this initiative to “grow our own” physicians will enhance physician recruitment and retention in Cape Breton and rural Nova Scotia.

As we do our part to make a medical campus at Cape Breton University a reality, we ask for your ongoing support and encourage you to check back regularly for more information.